Our HCHF Family

Gary Lau Hwei


The birth of HCHF was initially inspired by the writing of my childhood chapter, realising that I was just like many of the less-privileged kids out there. Specifically, the disadvantage families with low socioeconomic status, inferior self-esteem and poor academic performance. With such an empathy, then came my initiative to set up HCHF, reaching out from several rental flats to developing close partnerships with RC centres and voluntary welfare organisations. 

Chneo Kai Wen (Ivan)



Graduated with Distinction from SIM-UOW with Bachelor of Business Information Systems (BBIS). I am specialized in systems analysis, design and implementation of information systems, as well as understanding the organizational, social and data management aspects of business. Guiding youths in their academics from the beginning, and seeing their grades improve in the end, is a very fulfilling achievement. With this, I hope I can help these youths to realize their dreams

Lam Ting En


I started volunteering with HCHF as I appreciate the quality education in my growing years, and I want to provide these to students alike. I stick by the mantra that “Giving does not make one poorer”, and I hope that my contributions in HCHF will impact others in the smallest way possible. It is truly a blessing to receive, and also in giving too!

Abigail  Lee Shi Hui

Honorary Treasurer

Previously pursuing social work in polytechnic, I was given the opportunity to work with people of all ages, that led my to being passionate to working with children. When I was younger, I was privileged to have received tuition for my weaker subjects in school, and this made me want to contribute to helping kids who did not have the same privilege that I did.

Teoh Chyi En (Joyce)

Event Coordinator

I believe that a little effort goes a long way in serving the community. I aspire to inspire our future generations to offer a little of what they can give back to the society.

Teoh Chyi Hui, Jacey

Event Coordinator

Being a normal academic(NA) student, my experience with the education system has allowed me to understand how students from lesser privileged families are often disadvantaged. Therefore, I hope that my contributions in the society will help to uplift these students from lesser privileged households and inspire them to have more faith in themselves.

Chia Rui Yang

Game Facilitator Lead

HCHF is one of the first organisations I began my volunteering journey with, and it has been an eye-opening experience. Most fulfilling of all is seeing the joy on the children’s faces when they realise it is time for games and being able to nurture a relationship based on trust.

Joycelyn Tay Jia Qin

Game Facilitator Lead

I believe that education is not limited to just books and studying. Hence, with HCHF's board games sessions, I am able to interact and help the children gain social and other skills. Playing, teaching and watching them grow makes me feel happy.

Daryl Soh Wei Ming

Game Facilitator Lead

After hearing about HCHF’s cause, I was excited to be part of the Games session programme as I am an avid believer that a child should grow holistically in all fronts and that academics shouldn’t be the only focus. It is also imperative to cultivate social aptitude and being around others instead of the books all the time.

Pang Kai Xin

Regional Lead (Lakeside)

I always believed in wanting to change the world and that cannot be done by my own efforts alone. By helping these children, I hope to create a ripple effect that one day when they grow up, they will want to make a difference too!

Fong Shao Cong (Samuel)

Regional Lead (Lakeside)

I enjoy working with kids and I have ADHD. Having been a big troublemaker in the past is my motivation to work with kids!

Julieana Binte Suhaimi

Regional Lead (Nee Soon)

I joined HCHF through SUSS and continued to volunteer because I believe that we should give back to the society however best we can. "If not you, who? If not now, when?" -Hillel the Elder

Siew Wei Feng

Regional Lead (Nee Soon)

I am really really grateful for the meaning that teaching has brought to my life. I will continue to learn and improve so that I can be a better tutor and big brother in the future.

Raiffanah Binte Razali

Regional Lead (Sengkang)

There is never a dull moment when you're working with children in HCHF. It can get crazy sometimes, but they always bring out the best of you and there is always something to learn from them as they are too with me.

Bryan Tay Yu Jun

Regional Lead (Sengkang)

Being a beneficiary of a tuition program in the past has spurred my passion to continue on volunteering and to pass on the values of education to the next generation of kids! Working with children have always been meaningful as their energy levels brings tons of colors to our lives! It makes us look forward to every session with them.

Chan Xi Levona

Regional Lead (Sengkang)

I am the eldest sister to 4 siblings. Now, I am the big sister to over 30 little kids who I love very very much. I volunteer with HCHF to make a difference.

Hui Oi Leng Catherine

Regional Lead (Serangoon)

Being in HCHF, I am able to enjoy teaching kids and I recognise that education is very important for kids to thrive in their future.

Lee Rui Xue

Regional Lead (Tampines)

I enjoy seeing students progress under my tutelage and making a difference in their lives. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with the students and making my lessons more interesting and engaging so that they look forward to every lesson.

Rafi Bayhaqi Nur

Regional Lead (Tampines)

I have really enjoyed my time here at HCHF as it is truly has been a meaningful experience. When talking to the parents when they are fetching their kids, it's clear that they do truly care about their children's learning and are committed to helping them despite their busy schedule. Seeing this makes me more motivated to keep going and try my best to help them every session.

Fiona Auralia

Regional Lead (Kaki Bukit)

Through my CCA (Interact Club), I was given the opportunity to work with HCHF! I decided to work with kids as I have always felt a connection with kids and knew that I could play my part in contributing by giving as many children as possible a joyful childhood. It is also always a heartwarming process to be able to connect with the kids through interacting and helping them.

Peh Pei Ying

Regional Lead (Kaki Bukit)

Being a member of my school's Interact Club, I was able to work with HCHF. I decided to volunteer here as I have always wanted to connect and interact with kids! It is also really moving to witness their genuine conversations and actions with one another!

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